HDL, Inc. Responds to The Wall Street Journal Story

RICHMOND, VA (September 8, 2014) - Today’s Wall Street Journal story on Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. (HDL, Inc.) paints a highly distorted picture of our company and our work. In particular, HDL, Inc. vehemently disagrees with any insinuation that payments to doctors were an inducement, or that the payments were illegal or known to violate any law. 

The story inaccurately characterizes the HDL, Inc. of 2010 and totally ignores the world class 2014 HDL, Inc. laboratory practices of today, relying on misleading accounts from two former disgruntled employees who have not been with the company in more than three years – one speaking anonymously and the other  dismissed for cause, including her opposition to HDL, Inc.'s zero-tolerance drug policies.

We are proud of the work we have done to help revolutionize patient care by changing the way that cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and related diseases are diagnosed and treated. 

The advanced testing offered by HDL, Inc. can be far more effective than traditional testing in detecting cardiovascular risk. HDL, Inc.’s comprehensive biomarkers provide a far broader and deeper picture of patient health that can improve diagnosis and care for patients. HDL, Inc.’s testing provides actionable information that can lead to early detection of diseases or pre-disease states and, as a result, improved prevention, treatment and even disease reversal. In bringing the most advanced, comprehensive diagnostic testing to millions of Americans, HDL, Inc. testing is not only saving lives but also saving healthcare dollars.

As we confirmed to The Journal, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is conducting what we understand to be an industry-wide review of certain clinical laboratory practices, many of which have been longstanding within the industry. HDL, Inc. has been cooperating fully with the government investigation and has consistently complied with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.  In the event that the DOJ investigation results in legal action against HDL, Inc., we are prepared to defend our business practices vigorously.

Major advancements in diagnostic testing have outpaced this country’s existing payment structure, which is grounded in the more traditional, reactive model of providing and paying for care only after a medical event.  HDL, Inc.’s testing, which is at the forefront of modern medical science, gives physicians tools to detect major health issues before such events to occur and is thus aligned with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) goals of improving patient health through preventative efforts.

For more information on HDL, Inc. and the issues raised in The Wall Street Journal story, visit www.hdlinckeyfacts.com.

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HDL, Inc. Responds to The Wall Street Journal Story

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