Independent claims data analysis shows significant health benefits and no additional costs for patients receiving HDL, Inc. health management model

HDL, Inc. patients show 41% reduction in heart attacks and significant decline in diabetes complications compared to control group

RICHMOND, VA (DECEMBER 8, 2014) – A group of nearly 7,400 patients receiving comprehensive laboratory testing paired with personalized lifestyle consulting from Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. (HDL, Inc.) saw a striking 41% decrease in incidence of heart attacks and significantly lower occurrence of diabetes complications, according to a third-party analysis of insurance claims data.

A health services company and researchers at the University of Richmond rigorously tested the ability of HDL, Inc.’s model of comprehensive biomarker risk testing paired with direct patient engagement and physician support to promote positive health and cost outcomes. The study spanned a mean follow-up period of 27 months (with a range of 12 to 42 months).

“The results provide strong evidence that Health Diagnostic Laboratory’s model of health management is associated with positive health outcomes. There were very interesting patterns in the data. First, improvements in outcomes emerged in a relatively short time frame. Second, although laboratory costs increased, the costs were entirely offset by an expenditure shift away from other medical costs such as emergent care,” said Steve Thompson, Associate Professor of Management at the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond and lead author of the study. “We will continue to analyze the dataset to evaluate the model’s efficacy in specific populations, such as those with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and in the setting of secondary heart attack prevention.”

The study included 7,396 patients receiving HDL, Inc. services who were matched by demographic, clinical, and cost parameters to a cohort of patients who did not receive testing or health management from the company. Both groups were sicker and more expensive (in terms of healthcare dollars) than the general population engaged in the healthcare system.    

In addition to the reduction in heart attacks – 49 in the HDL, Inc. cohort compared to 83 in the control group – clinical outcomes for ischemic strokes trended lower by 17%,  while diabetes complications were 15% less frequent.  Desirable shifts in health system use patterns were also observed, as inpatient admissions fell by 21%  and ER visits were 6% less frequent  in the HDL, Inc. cohort. 

The key finding was that individuals diagnosed with cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases or risk factors for disease by HDL, Inc. comprehensive testing experienced fewer adverse events and better health outcomes at no additional cost: total cost of care was $950 per patient per month in the HDL, Inc. cohort compared to $957 in the controls. UR researchers and HDL, Inc. scientists will continue to mine the dataset to gain a better understanding of the point at which patients and health systems realize a true cost savings using this model. 

“Since our beginning it has been our mission to stop cardiovascular disease and diabetes through our advanced comprehensive testing paired with patient engagement, so it is extremely rewarding to see independent data that validates our model and the hard work that all of us put into this organization,” said Joseph McConnell, President and CEO of HDL, Inc. 

About Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. 
Founded in 2008, Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. (HDL, Inc.) is a leader in health management offering a comprehensive test menu of biomarkers that can indicate risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and related diseases. HDL, Inc.’s systematic approach identifies factors contributing to disease and provides a basis for effective treatment, allowing physicians to more effectively manage their patients and individuals to take steps to improve their health. HDL, Inc. offers a personalized overview of risk factors along with intensive counseling from expert Clinical Health Consultants, improving compliance and enhancing satisfaction. Through the My Health Counts program, HDL, Inc. offers comprehensive testing and wellness services to employers and is a partner for value-based, integrated care models and health systems. HDL, Inc. is a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory. For more information, visit, and make HDL, Inc. part of your digital lifestyle at and on Twitter @hdltweets.

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Inclusion criteria for the HDL, Inc. cohort were 1.) evidence of at least two HDL, Inc. panels performed as part of routine care; 2.) one of a set of ICD-9 codes indicating disease risk; and 3.) continuous healthcare coverage with a benefits plan for one year prior to the first HDL, Inc. test through at least one year after. Patients who had also received services from other advanced testing laboratories were excluded. The control cohort consisted of patients who had similar continuous coverage with the plan and at least two traditional lipid panels performed, representing a population of patients actively engaged with the healthcare system. Each control subject was matched to an HDL, Inc. subject (1:1) based on a large set of demographic, baseline ICD-9 codes and cost data.
89 vs 107, p = 0.19
988 vs 1135; p < 0.001; specifically, diabetic retinopathies (p < 0.01), renal manifestations (p < 0.001), ophthalmic manifestations (p < 0.05), and other “unspecified” manifestations (p < 0.05) were all significantly lower in the HDL, Inc. cohort.
p < 0.001
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