Our Mission: To beat cardiovascular disease and diabetes – one patient at a time.

LATEST NEWS › iOS application previously released for iPhone and iPad now offers patient management tools via Apple Watch.RICHMOND, VA (MAY 11, 2015) – Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. (HDL, Inc.) has updated its myHDL Physician App to support use with Apple Watch. The iOS app, which was released for iPhone .. Read More »

Advanced Testing

Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. (HDL, Inc.) offers the most comprehensive test menu of biomarkers for cardiovascular, diabetes, and related diseases providing a basis for early detection, effective treatment, and disease reversal.

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Just the Facts

Patients who look healthy may have hidden risks. Over 50% of patients who suffer a heart attack or stroke have "normal" LDL cholesterol levels.1,2 Get the facts on the costs of chronic disease and effectiveness of HDL, Inc. testing.

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Beyond Disease Diagnosis

Advanced testing uncovers the true state of a patient's health and the HDL, Inc. Clinical Health Consultants help patients reverse disease progression. Health consulting is available to all patients, generally at no additional cost.

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